Godly ANR dating site desperately needed

I have visited virtually every active ANR dating site on the web, and while they vary widely in raunchiness or even “pornness”, their content invariably serves as a reminder that Christians are aliens in this fallen world.

I want to give ANRSpace some credit for their efforts towards family friendliness, especially their no-cleavage policy, however simply reading what some people have to say about ANRs sometimes leads to some sinful mental images popping up. To add to that, as a man, when I see picture after picture of well-clothed, albeit “well-equipped” women, I begin to lust. I can handle a few, but not dozens upon dozens.

My proposal is a matchmaking site with the sole purpose of uniting Christians interested in ANRs, with the intent of having one after marriage. I’ve gotten a bit of feedback and discovered enough ANR-minded Christians to know this is a real need. I imagine steps to be taken to ensure purity, such as prohibiting any arousing descriptions of intimate encounters, a zero tolerance policy towards harassment and very importantly, not even allowing pictures in which a woman’s breasts are prominently displayed, among others. I’ve observed that a large majority of women on ANR dating sites are well-endowed, so I would go beyond ANRSpace in not emphasizing this physical attribute that’s practically granted. Anything necessary to keep our brothers from stumbling, see 1 Corinthians 8:13 and Romans 14:13-23.

The only potential pitfall I foresee is the small chance that members might agree to meet offline and engage in reproachable behavior before marriage. Thankfully, an ANR is something difficult for genuine Christians to maintain without being found out. Helps ease that concern.

Since beginning a draft of this post, I’ve actually purchased a domain to that end. If only I had more time and connections, my vision would likely be a reality.

What do you think of these suggestions?

Jan. 2018 update: in the meantime, we could try posting ads on clean sites, or join clean/modest ANR forums.


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    • Prov519

      Sorry, Lily. Not much yet but believers like you and Kamar just might make me do something. You might be the catalysts we need for some ANR chemistry to occur.

      As mentioned above, I registered a domain with a Christian ANR dating-related name. That’s all for now but I’ll try to make progress soon, hoping God will providentially bring it together.

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