Fellow ANR/ABF fans, if you persevere, by God’s grace, you will more than likely find your ANR-willing mate.

As mentioned in my first post, I am actively seeking Mrs. Right, both on and off-line. I have revealed my ANR desire to 14 women so far. To my surprise, those who agreed have been a significant minority. Precisely, five said yes, one undecided, eight no. If last year, I were told over one-third of women would answer in the affirmative to my ANR proposal, I wouldn’t have believed it.

It’s encouraging to see how close I’ve gotten. The only reasons I’m not currently dating a woman who’s interested in an ANR include distance, compatibility and chemistry.

You simply have to know the ANR type and how to bring it up– ultra cautiously and gently, directing them only to Christian sites like this one. This person really being into you also helps a lot.

Keep hope alive, keep your head up and eyes fixed on the Cross. God bless.