Women and the love language of touch

Yesterday, I visited a county office then went grocery shopping. I was reminded how some women love touching others when talking, especially men they feel comfortable with. Two elderly women I chatted with got comfortable and rubbed my hands every now and then, in a completely non-creepy way.

I’m often referred to as charming and pleasant, so that probably explains why people, especially older women, find it inviting to touch me while we speak. I know touch is my top love language so it makes sense that I’m an ANR fanatic.

Women instinctively want to comfort their men while men instinctively want to protect women. A female ANR lover whose ex-husband wanted nothing to do with it once said it’s the most intimate way to comfort a man.

ANR is the ultimate way to ‘touch’ a man in a physical sense. Deep down every woman wants this but most don’t realize it.

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