The danger of ANR: Biblical ANR hero gone bad

Note: ANR in itself isn’t dangerous, our sinful hearts pose the real danger.

While browsing through ANR dating profiles, I came across a woman I’ll never forget. She was very attractive physically, and also one of the handful of modestly dressed women on both websites on which I spotted her. And we have some things in common. Except faith in Christ.

I was recently in 1 Kings 11. King Solomon, our ANR hero, fell horribly into sin when his heart lusted after foreign women, who eventually influenced him to build altars to their false gods. Sex and possibly ANRs cost him his privileged position with God. I see myself in him in more ways than I have time to explain.

I’ve found myself thinking dangerous, unbiblical thoughts in connection to the attractive ANR women like mentioned, even to the point of mentally repeating the tragedy found in 1 Kings 11.

Though memories of her physical beauty won’t fade away overnight, two good things have come out of this: rather seeking an ANR woman who’s also Christian, I now focus on seeking a Christian woman who’s also into ANRs. Secondly is my resolution to immediately block or hide a non-Christian’s dating profile, no matter how gorgeous. I’m slowly getting better at keeping this resolution, praise God.

Proverbs 31:30: Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain,
    but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

True beauty is spiritual. I’m waiting for my truly beautiful bride.


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  1. Sophiagrace

    I am blown away with your placing faith first’ ahead of the pleasures of the flesh, as it were. This is also how I feel, that faith comes first,my Holy Goal, but what a beautiful way to create bonds that make the journey perfect. Also how much it would help in creating and sustaining the depth of intimacy that a deep relationship needs in order to last. Good luck in finding someone..

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    • Prov519

      Thank you so much, Sophiagrace. I’m glad my blog is a blessing to other Christians. Yes, HBF is the height of intimacy, and I also pray God brings you your ANR desiring husband. God bless.


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