This is the penultimate trait in our series. Many ANR women are tender, soft-spoken, cuddly, sensitive, gentle, peaceful and unquestionably feminine. God created women to be softer, more delicate and innate nurturers. These women take pride in their femininity; they naturally and joyfully take hold of divinely established gender roles. They are built more for comfort than Continue reading Soft


Welcome to our fifth of seven characteristics to help inform your search for an ANR-interested mate: simplicity, nearly synonymous with humility. This one gets a bad rap. There’s even a term that has been coined to mock simple folks. Simplicity in the sense of humility and unpretentiousness is highly looked upon in Scripture, however. Folks who desire an Continue reading Simple

Lessons from Ashley Madison: the uniqueness of ABF

The recent Ashley Madison leak has revealed some telling data. 99.95% of the site’s users are male. How does this compare to other matchmaking sites? On those tailored towards mainstream sexual activity, about 75 to 80% of users are male. In comparison, only 68% of heterosexual accounts on ANRSpace belong to men, but I strongly believe the actual Continue reading Lessons from Ashley Madison: the uniqueness of ABF