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Women who have this third ANR characteristic enjoy giving of themselves to others. They’re excellent homemakers and great caretakers. They love to cook and bake, in fact many call themselves foodies. Dining was the number three interest on the previously mentioned ANR dating site, almost tied for second place, so look for that traditional, classic woman that’s brimming with inner beauty. Actively look for signs that she’s a mama bear nurturer, a comforter and/or an encourager. Importantly, her occupation must directly entail helping or caring for others in some capacity. If the above don’t describe her at all, politely move on.



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ANR folks are great family men and women. If I may say so, people tend to see me as a gentleman who’ll one day make a good husband and father. Strong families are built on strong marriages (which are built on Christ, the ultimate nurturer). The closer you are to your spouse and the more heavily you invest in him or her, the more you set your family up for success. No wonder ANR-interested men and women make the best parents.

Nurturing - homemaking book

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