It’s incredibly hard to be a Christian sometimes. What a tightrope this is. When you’re a single man with a biblical, beautiful, yet sexual desire, you face a tough balancing act, thus I have some confessing to do.

God’s Word mentions HN thrice as far as I know, but I sometimes think of it with disproportionate frequency. If believers leave anything unchecked, we can easily take beautiful truths from Scripture and twist them into saying things like Mary never sinned, or God forbid, forming an entire denomination/cult around Couples Nursing.

Please keep me in your prayers.

See also: What the Bible does NOT say about an ANR for more confessions.

2016 update: God won’t deny Himself. The indwelling Holy Spirit won’t let me go. The struggle mentioned above is cyclical. He’s giving me victory with this sin, as the truly regenerate are marked by a lifestyle of repentance, and I see God’s sanctifying grace in me through all this.

Also see Sexual desire is neither sinful nor scary, where I make the following statement:

“I thank God that only through His Spirit, I don’t have mental ANRs with women I come across in my day-to-day life. Rather, my desire is mostly attached to the hope of enjoying this gift in marriage alone. With God the Spirit dwelling in us, being very sexual and very monogamous is an absolute possibility, more than that, it’s the expectation for the regenerate.”

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