Soft - Tulle skirt

This is the penultimate trait in our series. Many ANR women are tender, soft-spoken, cuddly, sensitive, gentle, peaceful and unquestionably feminine.

God created women to be softer, more delicate and innate nurturers. These women take pride in Soft - secure in selftheir femininity; they naturally and joyfully take hold of divinely established gender roles.

They are built more for comfort than speed, and their softness is multi-dimensional: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Their idea of a strong marriage is when both spouses are laid bare and vulnerable to each other. It’s in daily re-living Genesis 2:25: Adam and his wife naked and not ashamed.

Women who nurse their husbands often report being proud of what they do and feeling more feminine and attractive during the nursing, so this adds even more of a feminine glow to these women who are already very feminine to begin with. To them that have, more will be given, and to them that don’t have, even what little they have will be taken away, Mark 4:25.

One shouldn’t mistake these ladies’ softness for weakness, however. It’s possible to simultaneously be soft and physically strong. I came across an ANR woman who’s into fitness and weight training, and another that’s very much into all professional sports. They may be soft but they all possess quiet strength, not in-your-face aggressiveness. (Link contains an endorsement of evolutionary theory.)

I believe the description above mostly correlates with the ANR man, except of course, in a masculine way. The typical ANR man is probably gentle, well-built and filled with inner strength, not the highly insecure “macho” type.

Although popularly frowned upon, the Bible makes much mention of tenderness. Christ is often called a Lamb, or more accurately, a Lion and a Lamb. We’re commanded to be innocent as doves, shrewd as serpents. Tenderness and strength seem like inseparable concepts in God’s Word.

The preceding is dedicated to all the ladies out there who are tender on the outside, lioness on the inside. Nurse on.

(Six down, one to go. Monday, October 5th concludes our series. Have a blessed week.)