More concise and concrete version of the ANR profile

Rather than always going by all seven qualities plus five bonuses, six seem to work well. The 7 and 5 bonuses are those I’ve noticed from online research, while those below were compiled from actual interactions with women. It’s like theoretical versus [experiential] probability- my scientific/statistical readers can relate. All women who were open to my marital ANR Continue reading More concise and concrete version of the ANR profile

DA Carson’s in-person quote and how it reinforces ANR convictions

According to John 17, Christian love should reflect the love in the Godhead. I was blessed to hear a live message by DA Carson just a few hours ago in Toronto. It’s mind-blowing how God’s sovereignty works. I’m paying a visit to the city and initially planned to be at a sister church this morning. I’m glad Continue reading DA Carson’s in-person quote and how it reinforces ANR convictions

Monthly ANRSpace member tally

ANRs are slowly becoming more popular. To demonstrate that, I’m beginning an open-ended investigation into the number of heterosexual members on ANRSpace, the only ANR dating site that makes a genuine, albeit biblically inadequate attempt at sexual purity. As of today, there are 5,758 members on the site. I’ll post updated numbers on the 16th of Continue reading Monthly ANRSpace member tally

Five bonus characteristics

If a woman meets all seven ARNTSSS criteria, she most likely would enjoy an ANR. If in addition, she has these five below, then she’s likely to crave* an ANR: 1. Endowed. This first bonus characteristic of the female ANR lover seems like the most obvious, and of all physical attributes shared by women on ANR blogs and dating sites, Continue reading Five bonus characteristics

Afterword on the ANR lover’s profile

I again thank you for patiently waiting as I published the ANR tell-tale signs over the past couple of Mondays: Adventurous, Romantic, Nurturing, Tactile, Simple, Soft and Spiritual. Some might be surprised at the omission of criteria such as open-minded or sexual, but upon a closer inspection of the published criteria, it becomes evident that those “missing” Continue reading Afterword on the ANR lover’s profile