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We made it to the last characteristic in our profile of the typical ANR lover.

I’m referring to the lower case ‘spiritual’ in this context. I’m only using the human definition in the non-biblical sense of being soulful and deep, as not all women with ANR desires are indwelt by God the Spirit, and conversely, being Spirit-filled has little to no bearing on ANR desire, although wanting an ANR in itself is God-glorifying.

By definition, all Christians are spiritual but some more than others. Apparently, God designed some individuals to be more soulful, extramundane and have stronger yearnings for intangibles. Sadly, non-Christian ANR women greatly abuse their imago-Dei by pursuing things like positive energy, solstice rituals, unbiblical meditation and Tai-chi. Christian ones have lots of depth and are less materialistic than average. They are likely to be into things like gardening, healthy living and non-spiritual breathing exercises, nothing more ominous, therefore absolutely no Yin-Yang, Feng Shui or New Age earth-universe worship.

I’ve noticed that ANR ladies have ethereal inclinations and desire a deep, organic connection. They can also be superlatively poetic.
They’re all about peace and harmony, and want to be as united as humanly possible with their husbands. They want one system. A living, breathing, dynamic connection.

There’s something about Husband Nursing that’s truly sacred and deeply meaningful, even more than sex, I think. Sexual intercourse places fewer mutual obligations on a couple, and for many working couples, it’s only on the mind as the need arises. However, Couples Nursing forces a couple to keep each other in mind all the time.

I believe CN brings a couple to a heightened level of mutual dependence, connection and synergy unattainable through any other physical means. It gives more meaning to the two becoming one flesh (Gen. 2:24) than anything else.

Although ANR-loving folks are often simple, when it comes to things that matter most in life, they’re far from clueless or naive. They have depth, wisdom and insight. Their astute understanding of the intensely profound nature of this relationship and its significance is precisely what attracts them to it.

Last summer, when my ANR research was well underway, I began noticing the abundance of words in Scripture that describe God and Christianity in organic, botanical terms. Throughout the Bible, we see words and phrases like roots, fruits, seeds, plants, soil, the sower, I am the Vine, you are the branches, abide in Me, springs, if a seed dies, it bears much fruit, living water and so on. I saw this as an epiphany.

I know this sounds like eisegesis, but it’s actually quite the converse. Perhaps how God intended the Christian life and marriage to play out aren’t readily apparent, due to being purposely obscured by translators. Perhaps God corrects this spiritual error by placing an insatiable itch for the Truth in people like John MacArthur, or anyone who has done some major investigation into Proverbs 5:19’s original Hebrew phrasing (scroll down a little, notice Proverbs 5:19 appears three times on this page).

I recall a teaching elder of a theologically sound church I once belonged to noting how Christians are commanded to be “organically connected” to a local body of believers. Without a doubt, the God of Scripture values deep, organic connections, where the whole is greater than the sum of parts, and individuals are well plugged into Him and each other, forming a vibrant ecosystem connected through and animated by His Holy Spirit.

The church … is not an organization; it is an organism. Christ is the head and He is responsible for its growth.

Brian Jonson, Monergism.com

As far back as my teenage years, I’ve listened to music that brought an overwhelming sense of serenity. I often drifted off to sleep while it played. A non-believer in those days, someone who noticed this habit of mine remarked: “he’s obviously trying to get close to his god.” They were right. I wasn’t Buddhist or Hindu but was chasing a nirvana-like feeling, trying to fill the divine void in my heart, very much like ANR women who think they can fill the God-shaped hole in their hearts with anything other than being reconciled to Him through the slain Lamb.

When revealing the ANR lover’s romantic inclination, I alluded to this post. ANR women want a trance-like, dreamy, heavenly state, like romantics do. On your search, look for women who long for “heaven on earth”, in other words, want God’s Kingdom to come ASAP.

70% of ladies on the same ANR dating site mentioned here listed music as an interest. Music came in second to none. That’s because an ANR brings a welcome rhythm, a sweet melody, to the human soul. The refreshment it provides is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind, apart from drinking directly from the Source – the eternally refreshingliving water fountain Himself.

That’s it. Thank you very much for following along as I revealed all the characteristics all ANR women seem to share.

Please read the series afterword. It contains a pleasant surprise.

Thanks again.

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