Five bonus characteristics

If a woman meets all seven ARNTSSS criteria, she most likely would enjoy an ANR. If in addition, she has these five below, then she’s likely to crave* an ANR:

1. Endowed. This first bonus characteristic of the female ANR lover seems like the most obvious, and of all physical attributes shared by women on ANR blogs and dating sites, it’s way up there with having sensitive and responsive skin/nerves as one of the most common. About nine of ten I encountered during my online research are blessed in this department.

When I realized this, I had to take a moment and pause in awe of the divine grace bestowed upon men through these ladies who are godly, well-endowed and wanting to nurse their men. And believe me guys, there are thousands of them out there in the world  🙂

Generally, the more endowed a woman is, the more male attention she’d like paid to that part of her body. I came across some ANR desiring women who admitted to this desire for breast attention. Biblically speaking, a marital ANR is the most glorious way to receive that attention. Besides procreation, I can’t think of a more exalted way to feel feminine in a sense that’s simultaneously functional and sexual. “I feel like producing milk is the most feminine thing a woman can do with the exception of giving birth”, said one woman on ANRSpace.

As I stated in my post defending ANRs from a biblical standpoint, sadly, most women use their breasts in all the wrong ways in order to get this attention and feel like a “goddess.”

The following admonition to gentlemen should be obvious and I apologize for being preachy, but I still think it’s worth stressing the need to avoid staring, as it’s easy to tell when a woman is well endowed.

Ladies, as a guy who has been complimented on some of his facial features, I think the male equivalent of this criterion might just be that- masculine features that are easy on the eyes, if I may be so bold to say.

Personality and character play a slightly bigger role in determining ANR interest than physical attributes, as we’ve learned from the seven traits. There are millions of well-endowed women who are repulsed by the idea of ABF, just like there are millions of “smaller” women who are very interested. Larger breasted ones just want it strongly enough to advertise their desire on ANR sites and blogs. So it’s best to think of this trait as a bonus.

2. Different. Alternative. Perhaps a little weird, by worldly (western) standards. Nothing wrong with being weird. I’ve been called that plenty of times. The world needs weird people in order to function properly. In this context, we easily see why oddness can be a blessing. We “different” people can be trailblazers. I know eccentricity is often linked to intelligence but I was intrigued to see how this book ties it to leadership. I think we can all concur that weird people can sometimes be revolutionaries. John the Baptist wore clothes made of camel’s hair and ate locusts and wild honey. Our Savior Himself had the unbelieving Jews convinced He was out of His mind by telling them to eat His flesh and drink His blood.

In my biblical defense post, I mention how alternative forms of intimacy can sometimes be seen as too out there by self-proclaimed normal, righteous, cultured folks, until we “weirdos” popularize them. Then they all jump on the bandwagon.

3. Lonely. Deprivation increases the need for intimacy. Like weirdness, loneliness can be a blessing in disguise.

4. Pretty. Blue eyes. Brown eyes. Hazel. Blue-green.
Blonde. Brunette. Brown. Jet black. Red.
Freckled and non-freckled.
Black, white, Hispanic, Asian, mixed. Gorgeous women from all nations and tongues I encountered on my quest.

Experts frequently draw parallels between attractiveness and health. Apparently, healthy people instinctively know Couples Nursing is a healthy practice, both to the individual and the couple.

5. Doula, nurse, lactation consultant, midwife, maternal and child health caregiver, women’s healthcare worker, naturopathic healthcare worker, retirement counselor, financial advisor or other caregiver.

I have yet another post related to the ANR profile to be published next Monday. Please stay tuned. If you have any input on any of these characteristics, don’t be shy- leave a comment or write

*Craving something isn’t always sinful, depending on the object and the circumstances. It becomes sinful when the craving becomes a distraction. It’s possible to have a very strong desire for something without sinning, see Proverbs 13:12, and interestingly, see also verse 19.


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  1. N.E.W

    I have often wondered, especially when I lie awake at night dwelling on my desires… At what point does it cross the imaginary line between a yearning to outright sinful… Ah, the guilt. What is one to do? …speaking of late nights, I have fallen victim to another one.


    • Prov519

      Very good question. When you find the answer, let me know, lol.

      The best answer I can think of now is 1 Corinthians 6:12 and 10:23 that tell us we have freedoms in Christ but must avoid being mastered by these freedoms. I need to preach that to myself as well, as my desires occasionally have me wondering the same. I think the key is whether we see God being glorified through our desire. In the coming months, Lord willing, I’ll post about a time I craved a certain kind of food and how that craving in itself was God-glorifying. Like you, my desire for a marital ANR sometimes gets intensified at night, the time of day I imagine all single folks feeling loneliest. If I said an ANR isn’t arousing, not even slightly, I’d be lying. It is my firm conviction that the arousal should be controlled and brought before the Lord, but the desire itself isn’t wrong or sinful. God loves it.

      But please be sure to read your Bible more than this blog and let nothing master you, except the gospel of Jesus Christ.
      God bless. Now, go to bed!


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