More concise and concrete version of the ANR profile

Rather than always going by all seven qualities plus five bonuses, six seem to work well. The 7 and 5 bonuses are those I’ve noticed from online research, while those below were compiled from actual interactions with women. It’s like theoretical versus experi[enti]al probability- my scientific/statistical readers can relate. All women who were open to my marital ANR desires mostly share some characteristics that were lacking in those who declined. The women who said yes were mostly:

  1. Biblically feminine (Christ-centered, soft, comforting, nurturing, voluntarily submissive, traditional, caring, generous, homemakers, good cooks and bakers, proverbs 31 reminiscent)
  2. Affectionate
  3. Really interested in me
  4. Endowed
  5. Sexual
  6. Open-minded

If I had to pick two absolutely crucial traits from that list, they would be biblical femininity and having a strong interest in me. These two, I’ve found, were shared not by most but by all women who responded in the affirmative.

So our 10 week discussion of the ANR lover’s profile boils down to two non-negotiables. Gentlemen, to save time on your search, I strongly urge you to use those two as major screeners. If she’s lacking either of the two, the odds of her agreeing to an ANR drop considerably. If you don’t see any evidence of her being a nurturing/comforting/soft/encouraging person, don’t bother.

Ladies, I haven’t spent time profiling the ANR man, but I’m guessing his nutshell description would be: biblical masculinity, humility, tactility and being slightly odd/alternative. He’s biblically masculine in that he’s sensitive yet physically strong and believes men should lead, while being comfortable with femininity and treating women well. He’s also tender-hearted like Christ.

No more ANR profile-related posts planned for now. Happy hunting!

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  1. raymondstone

    Note to all men seeking this type of intimacy. You control the process more than you realize. Actions speak way louder than words, women are not wowed by your words but by the way you CONSISTENTLY treat them. This is a great post. I like the ending because most men need to learn how to let women love them.

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