Useful ANR fact number 2

japan-mt-fujiAsia is by far the continent that can claim the most Adult Nursing Relationships. This isn’t only because of its large population. It’s primarily because Asians are more ANR-friendly than the rest of the world’s people.

I’ve heard of ANRs happening in virtually all nooks and crannies of the continent.

A large number of Japanese men see nothing wrong with an ANR. The nation has adult-only bars where men pay to be nursed. It’s also one of the ten most peaceful countries on earth. (I think the two facts aren’t necessarily related, lol). I’d move there if not for the distance and lack of diversity, notably the sparsity of Christians, in addition to the great cultural differences and the unfortunate fact many Japanese men see it as a fetish, so I’m sure this would affect Japanese women’s views of ANR. In China, wealthy men made headlines recently for paying poor mothers for their milk, sometimes straight from the source, Indians google the terms “my husband wants me to breastfeed him” more than any other nationality, and the couple I lived with that practiced CN are Vietnamese. Many southwest Asians are also fond of this lifestyle, as it’s supposedly prescribed by the Quran.

There’s a theme park in Singapore that has a diorama of an elderly person being nursed, and in Mongolia, lactating mothers often leave some milk in the fridge for family members of any age. In addition, I know of Sri Lankans, Qataris, an Iranian and other Middle Easterners who find ANRs very appealing.

Sure, being Asian may increase the likelihood of wanting an ANR but it’s important to note that not only Asians and not all Asians are interested in this kind of intimacy, just like not all and not only well-endowed women want it.

Sadly, Asia is also the least evangelized continent. If I had more Asian connections and felt more at home with the culture, that’s probably where I would be now.

Remark: while browsing through English-language ANR sites, the Asian presence I’ve found has been comprised almost entirely of South Asian men, though I know other Asian demographics are interested. That their interest doesn’t translate to these sites is a phenomenon I attribute to cultural differences, language barriers and government restrictions. I’ve read in a blog about a Japanese woman who sought and engaged in nursing with a Western man, so I know it’s not all one-sided, however, Asian men are FAR more interested in the practice than their female counterparts. I wonder if this is in any way correlated to the fact that Asian men have historically done the best job in getting their women pregnant.


PS: one can gain these insights without viewing porn. Magazine articles, and other online sources, especially what our media labels “weird news”, are great sources.


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  1. raymondstone

    Asian cultures value family and relationships much more than here in the U.S. The materialism prevalent in a American culture automatically places relationships on a lower level. I discuss how American materialism is destroying families and the Church and how Jesus warned us about it. The perception of couples nursing is very poor because of our warped view of relationships due to materialism. Remember you can accumulate all you want, but you can’t take it with you when you go.

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