Year-end reflections – thank you

Looking back to last summer when I started this blog, I didn’t imagine it being what it is today. I’ve had over 3,000 unique visitors and almost 10,000 views. I thank God those numbers keep rising, as I have a significant number of new visitors daily. Some of you have reached me via email, a few have left comments Continue reading Year-end reflections – thank you

‘My Husband Wants to Breastfeed:’ The Phenomenon Nobody Talks About But Everyone Googles | TIME Magazine

I disagree with some of the statements in this TIME magazine article, especially towards the end, but its title and first paragraph alone have earned it a link on this blog. (Caution: While this article is informative, not erotic in nature, it contains some words that may make some readers stumble. Biblical discretion is advised.)   Source: Continue reading ‘My Husband Wants to Breastfeed:’ The Phenomenon Nobody Talks About But Everyone Googles | TIME Magazine

Monthly ANRSpace member tally

To show that ANRs are becoming more popular, here’s an up to date record of the number of profiles on ANRSpace: 5,824 members. A month ago, there were 5,771 members, a 0.9% month-over-month increase or 1.8 new members daily.   Caution: of all ANR dating sites, ANRSpace comes closest to receiving an endorsement from Christ-centered Continue reading Monthly ANRSpace member tally

Christian women were happier in the ’50s

Nowadays, everyone seems to get on their soapbox to yell things like self-assertion, corporate career ladder success and female-led families, but God says the most empowering things women should take pride in are those that are uniquely feminine and beautiful in His eyes. These include homemaking, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, nurturing and voluntary submission to husbands. Continue reading Christian women were happier in the ’50s ‘Reasons To Breastfeed Your Husband…’’s Reasons To Breastfeed Your Husband [and no other adults]. It’s interesting how the author of this article, Donna Murray, bears some striking similarities to some ANR women I profiled. As one can read in her short bio, she’s a well-credentialed nurse who realizes that breastfeeding creates an indescribable bond between two people. Of the hundreds of women I Continue reading ‘Reasons To Breastfeed Your Husband…’