Year-end reflections – thank you

Looking back to last summer when I started this blog, I didn’t imagine it being what it is today. I’ve had over 3,000 unique visitors and almost 10,000 views. I thank God those numbers keep rising, as I have a significant number of new visitors daily. Some of you have reached me via email, a few have left comments and likes and other bloggers- Christian and non-Christian alike, have followed.



There’s no denying the fact that untold thousands, perhaps approaching a million Christians, equally male and female, are interested in ANRs. This blog needed to happen. And we need to stop viewing sex and intimacy as taboo subjects.

I’m happy that I am providing content that resonates with many other believers who no longer feel alone in this desire. I can’t wait to see which direction God will take this blog in 2016 and beyond.

Thank God for each and every one of you.


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