Satan is very cunning and a lot more sophisticated than us

Apart from the Spirit, we’re no match for the enemy.

He doesn’t attempt to deceive us with the obvious. He’s far too sophisticated.

My heart breaks for the hundreds of otherwise solid Christians I’ve met who have been misled and distracted by some good things. I’ve seen the devil use things like the love of country, family values, politics, marriage, career, social justice, equality, compassion, peace of mind, national security, self defense, financial stewardship, stability, purity, and yes, even theology to distract believers from the gospel and cause division in the Church.

If I got married to a woman who wants an ANR more than I do, I know this would probably be a pitfall, as it’ll lead to having too much of a good thing, so I thank God He has already shown me a way to prevent it. Over the years, there are two very godly men I’ve met to whom I feel I can reveal anything. If this lifestyle ever undermines the inherent ability of my marriage to preach the gospel, I won’t hesitate to confide in them, which may mean revealing all.

Couples Nursing is an amazing gift but it can be a drug. Be sure to have at least one accountability partner and your ANR experience will be even more blessed.

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