Justification before sanctification

God gives us the freedom to marry absolutely anyone that’s justified through the blood of His Son. If you’re waiting for a very godly, super sanctified person that’s on the same level as the apostles, you’re short-changing yourself in at least two ways. You’re really missing out and I encourage you to rethink your stance.

You’re robbing yourself of the opportunity to be a sanctifying influence in another believer’s walk, and cutting yourself off from millions of potentially great spouses simply because they are a little on the spiritually immature side.

I’d rather marry a woman I’m highly compatible with then help her grow, than one who’s extremely godly but with whom I’m not at all compatible.

[Some Puritans] sometimes undercut the beauty of assurance by stressing the fruit of sanctification more than the fact of justification.

– Trevin Wax, The Gospel Coalition

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