A few believers with neither a real understanding nor appreciation of Couples Nursing have expressed concern of selfishness on my part for wanting this relationship. It’s very disappointing that if you’re a man who has a desire that’s in any way sexual, people immediately conclude that you’re being a typical horny and selfish male, oblivious to the fact that this particular desire is very gender balanced.

In light of this unfair accusation, and the fact that one major reason God gave us sex is to selflessly serve our spouse, I thought it appropriate to list some ways in which I would be serving my wife if we engaged in an Adult Nursing Relationship:

  1. I would be validating her femininity.
  2. More than that, I’d be increasingly drawing out her God-given womanly instincts.
  3. She’d have a stronger marriage.
  4. She would be more relaxed and at ease.
  5. I’d be helping her develop more of a servant’s heart.
  6. She’d feel valuable, needed, and beautiful in a non-superficial, natural and biblical way.
  7. I would offer an easy way to lose calories.
  8. She would be uniting deeply with her husband.
  9. Tongue in cheek on this one. She’d have bigger breasts without surgery.
  10. I’d be taking her heart off materialism and unto deeper things.
  11. It improves her health as it forces her to be a lot more mindful of everything she ingests.
  12. I would be MUCH less inclined to leaving my wife home alone for prolonged periods because my conscience won’t be at ease knowing she’d experience physical pain were such negligence to occur.
  13. The nipple stimulation would bring her so much pleasure she could have multiple orgasms.
  14. I’d give her a rare perspective on the gospel and Christ’s intimate union with His Bride.

Trust me, none of the above is made up. They all come from lots of research, including things ANR-interested women themselves have said. That Couples Nursing is equally desired by men and women is enough to acquit me from any charges of self-centeredness.

It’s not about me. It’s not about her. It’s about us. For the glory of Christ.