Your lifestyle is sinful, although I can’t prove it biblically

If you were ever in a situation in which confiding your ANR practice/interest to a pastor or elder is met with a surprising rebuke, with said church leader trying to convince you of its sinfulness, I think you should strongly consider leaving that church. Regardless of what anyone says, the Bible in no way, shape or form labels Couples Nursing as sinful, so let no human being impose their opinion or personal tastes upon you.

According to my logic, the fact that the Bible doesn’t label masturbation as sin either should also mean it’s ok, shouldn’t it?
No way. That’s quite a leap, because by its very nature, masturbation is selfish. The person who indulges in it is robbing their spouse of something God intends to be shared in the marriage bedroom. But Couples Nursing, by its very nature is selfless, giving, deeply uniting, and from the name alone, we see that it involves couples bonding, just like God intended.

What about adult bottle feeding or a million other alternative lifestyles? The lack of a biblical prohibition obviously means they’re acceptable, right?

Well, because it’s alternative doesn’t mean it’s sinful. The overwhelming majority of Couples Nursers would consider bottle feeding alternative, but there’s no biblical evidence that those who desire it in marriage are in sin.

There are simply too many legalistic, controlling, borderline cultish tendencies destroying too many churches.

Stifling others’ God-given freedoms is symptomatic of the autocratic. Going beyond God’s Word and instead using one’s own tastes and preferences to hold another human being’s conscience hostage is a grave sin. Whoever does this is playing God.

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