We live in such a sinful world that people just aren’t capable of letting others exercise their right to free speech.

I’ve raised some eyebrows with this blog.

On OkCupid, LH, a woman from Toronto, part of whose screen name was taken from a famous Egyptian queen, initiated contact with me with a pretense of interest, only to soon say “I find your interest very weird. I’m not too sure where the Bible tells you to breastfeed from your wife”, then immediately disappeared. Seizing the opportunity to discuss the Hebrew version of Proverbs 5, Song 7:8 and 8:2 would have proven futile, because from her profile, I didn’t see enough evidence of her ever reading the English.

I’ve also gotten some fake missives that I’ve easily been able to weed out from genuine, Couples Nursing followers.

People have the constitutional right to disagree with other people’s tastes. But they don’t have any right to attack them over it.

Nonbelievers pointing the finger to keep Christians holy and obedient is like a traitor accusing a soldier of a lack of patriotism.

At any rate, I forgive them as God in Christ forgave me. (See also this site on Christlike forgiveness).

The powers of hell will not be able to have power over My Church.

–Matthew 16:18