Christianity is still alive in the UK

It’s dying but still shows some signs of life.

I was just there and was impressed by a church I walked past that boldly displayed a Bible verse, and generous praises lavished upon a bishop by a woman on Sky News who unfortunately said she wasn’t a Christian.

Best of all was my visit to a conservative Anglican church in central London. Their evening service was exclusively attended by young, mostly single folks about my age. There were so many young believers, it got me thinking about moving to London. This church is as close to perfect for me as any church can get. It has everything a church should have: a gospel-focus, sound doctrine, great worship, fellowship, love and grace, warmth, good food, lots of mingling between the sexes, active missions, multiple leaders and great diversity across the board.
The amazing aesthetics were a welcome bonus.

It was easily one of the five best services I’ve ever attended. When it comes to fellowship, it certainly was the best, without contenders.

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