ANR dating site analogies. Please be above reproach.

ANRSpace is like a sports grill restaurant with a bar that’s frequented by well-endowed ladies who aren’t allowed to show cleavage. Additionally, this eatery always has the latest music playing from overhead speakers, which sometimes produce sexually suggestive lyrics, and there are also a few erotic paintings hanging on the wall in the dimly-lit hallway leading to the restrooms. Does God have a problem with Christians visiting such a place? Generally speaking, I don’t think so. A man who discipled me early in my walk once told me how it’s really the heart motives and intentions that matter, not simply someone’s outward actions. Could Christians have sinful motives for visiting a sports grill like that? Certainly. Can they possibly have pure motives? Without a doubt. I can easily picture a discerning believer enjoying a game of darts or playing pool with friends, well away from the visually distracting bar patrons and art, while filtering out the occasional innuendo in song lyrics.


To label all Christians who visit sports grills as backsliders or even as apostates is very inaccurate. It is entirely possible to visit such restaurants not only with pure intentions but even with family. We’re called to be in the world but not of it. True story: while visiting an art museum in a large US city, I came across a large painting depicting full frontal nudity and implied lovemaking, in the museum’s basement. Initially uncomfortable, I later reasoned that Christians need not boycott an entire museum because of one painting. Boycott the basement, maybe. But not the museum. Hate sin but exercise discernment.

Other ANR sites in existence are at least as bad as the typical nightclub where every guy is desperate to get laid, with some harassing women, and 99.99% of women dressed in a manner very unworthy of Christ, and the dancing is anything but godly. Now to visit places like these is to be subject to reproach and no Christian should expose themselves to such environments. Checking such sites out for any except the most biblically compelling of reasons totally distorts the picture of Christianity and puts the precious blood of Christ under reproach.

Please, please, please dear readers, the only ANR dating site I think Christians could visit without defaming our sinless Savior is ANRSpace, and even there we must exercise great caution. We must never let our guard down.

In contrast, the Christian ANR dating site I envision would compare to an exciting and dynamic Christian singles party hosted by a group of churches that take personal holiness, fun, and the atonement of Christ very seriously.


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