Purity might have become your idol if…

  • You weep over your sin because of the sin, not because of the holy and righteous God it offends.
  • You prioritize your thought life over your spiritual life.
  • You vehemently disagree with this statement: “there needs to be a fair amount of primal, sexual and physical attraction between a man and woman who are considering dating or marriage.”
  • You think sexual sin is the absolute worst type of sin.
  • You live an ascetic or somewhat ascetic lifestyle.
  • To you, falling into major sin doesn’t only require repentance. It requires repentance and a guilt offering or a 12-month time out for cleansing.
  • Witnessing other people’s sins causes you to isolate yourself, rather than reach out, or at least intercede on their behalf in prayer.
  • You think sex is dirty or gross.
  • You’re too ‘pure’ to read the Song of Solomon.
  • You’re overly cautious around the opposite sex.
  • You think cleanliness is next to godliness.
  • You judge believers that do things requiring moderation/discernment but aren’t sinful, such as drinking alcohol or talking to attractive members of the opposite sex to whom they’re not married.
  • You observe cleansing rituals like a Pharisee.
  • You think a good Christian is someone who doesn’t watch any popular TV shows or movies.
  • You focus more on your physical health than the gospel.
  • Rather pursuing God’s heart as revealed in the Scriptures, you pursue having a clean conscience and environment.
  • The mere mention of certain body parts and bodily fluids that God sees as part of His good created order and are mentioned in the Bible, such as ‘breasts’ and ‘semen’, does violence to your soul.
  • Your body reacts involuntarily whenever someone uses profanity near you.
  • You consider it taboo to discuss sex in polite company. No amount of caution/child-proof filtering is sufficient for you.

The good news: Jesus gave His life even for some of the most self-righteous Pharisees, so no amount of puritanical moralism can exclude us from His grace.

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