A Christian site for women once polled its readers on what they want most from their husbands, apart from sex. In order of popularity, the results were:

  1. His time
  2. Communication
  3. Non-sexual touching

According to many CN-practicing women, Couples Nursing gives them all of the above and amazing sex.

Another intriguing fact, I learned this in high school sex ed: if given two choices – cuddle or have sex, women choose the former by a ratio that’s approximately 15 to 1.

My hypothesis: Couples Nursing is sexual enough to please most men and non-sexual/cuddly enough to satisfy most women, thus its appeal to both sexes.

I want to be able to give my husband a safe place where he can come home at the end of a long day and let all the worries and stress fall away. To drift off to sleep at night. The nurturing aspect, the closeness, the intimacy…I knew that in a relationship that would be amazing to have. One woman described it as the greatest stabilizing force on her marriage. It forces communication and coming together physically so that you are bonded again and again and again with your husband.

-Email from a follower