Temples of the Holy Spirit and the unforgivable sin

Two sins have been frequently mentioned as candidates for the unforgivable sin: adultery and murder. Adultery is chosen on the grounds that it represents a sin against the Holy Spirit because the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Adultery was a capital crime in the Old Testament. The reasoning is that, since it deserved the death penalty and involved a violation of the temple of the Holy Spirit, this must be the unpardonable sin.

– RC Sproul, Chosen By God, p.172

Couples Nursing is therefore antithetical to adultery, as it pulls couples in the opposite direction as adultery.
An ANR enables an organic, permanent union that causes two temples to gradually melt into a larger temple.

Dr. Sproul later goes on to prove very convincingly that the unforgivable sin is not in fact adultery or murder but the blasphemy of Christ and the Holy Spirit despite knowing that Jesus is the Son of God.

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