How did you respond to his request to nurse?

Q: Has your partner been asking to breastfeed? How did you respond?

“My husband loves it. He had a cold about 2 months after my son was born. He had a sore throat and asked. He said it tasted really sweet and soothed his throat better then anything else had. He still asks 1-3 times a week. I don’t find it any different then when I’m not breast feeding.”

“He never intentionally tried to be but when your in the moment you forget things and it happens. He said it was sweet tasting.”

“My dh loves it. Says it tastes sweet. He’s always been a boob man so he’s not going to just ignore my boobs for 3 years while I finish nursing! and he has helped to get rid of mastitis without having to go on antibiotics. And he has diverticulitis attacks sometimes, and my milk actually helps with that. He doesn’t drink a ton, unless he’s had an attack usually it’s just a mouthful or two.”

“I don’t see any issues with this from a sexual standpoint. I’m able to distinguish the difference between feeding my baby and letting my husband enjoy my milk.
My baby [is] different than my husband and it isn’t arousing. He’s precious and adorable and I just want to pinch his little cheeks.
My husband is [different] (I enjoy that) and my breasts … have always been a part of our play. Neither of us cares that theirs milk involved now, and frankly, it’s kind of hot.”.

“Nurse recommended this & it really really does help!!!! And my husband obviously did not mind!!! It was a win-win”

“Yes I had mastitis and our Dr recommended this and it worked. Mind you this was twenty years ago lol”

“Yes I have plenty of times, whenever I start to hurt and there is a blockage I just ask him to help me out and he is willing to do so. I don’t see the harm in it at all. Hey if he is willing to help me out I will more than gladly let him do so. But I did not think of this until my fourth child.”

“I would but hubby thinks even the idea is gross. I offered to put it on his sunburn and he freaked..”

“To the people who all responded “no way”, “ewww”, or think this is otherwise gross or somehow wrong, all I can say is you need to step back, open your minds, and think about this more.

Yes… I am a guy, but regardless, you will read and talk to many men and women where the man regularly breastfeeds from his wife  … It is bonding, sexual, emotional, and in a word, spectacular.
This notion that your breasts and milk are somehow the exclusive property of a nursing baby is just plain nonsense. Nobody is advocating starving your child or passing infections from your hubby to your baby.
Try this…couples – men, women, I am speaking to you both – give this an honest open-minded try with your partners. You simply don’t know what you are missing. This isn’t about being weird or doing something that’s bad for your baby. This is about something amazing that will make you adore, love, and crave each other more than ever.”

“It truly is unfortunate that more people don’t have an open mind about this topic and breastfeeding in general. No one is saying to breastfeed your husband in a restaurant or at the park, but in private and in intimate moments, it can be extremely enjoyable for both parties. When our son was born, I breast fed him as long as possible and built a beautiful connection with him. It was lovely knowing that I was able to do something to contribute to his overall health and well being. Furthermore, my husband was very intrigued, I offered myself up to him and he enjoyed it immensely. There was nothing sexual about breastfeeding my son, however, it was a fabulous addition to mine and my husbands intimate time together. We both really enjoyed exploring my “new” body and all of my capabilities, it really added a new level of fun. Perhaps, if some could “let their hair down” and their pretentious, preconceived notions about what the experience is like and truly take the time to experience it for themselves, they might find that they would really enjoy the opportunity to share these moments with their significant other.”

“Hi, I love to breastfeed my hubby. He is totally a breastman. We never start our sex before doing this. It [is arousing]. Even [during] intercourse i love [ABF]… I am breafeeding him for 4 yrs(except nursing my baby for 9months). Our sex life is zero without it. And i have got a 40D Cup bouncy boobs from 32B cup boobs by breastfeeding my beloved hubby. Just enjoy it ok.”

“I have a 4 month old baby that I breastfeed and a couple days ago my husband … during sex … started [nursing]. We have only had sex a few times since the baby was born. I found incredibly sexual and we have had sex 5 times in the last two days. It feels different when the baby drinks it feels normal. When my husband drinks it [is erotic] … our sex life is back on track.”

“I know everyone is not into it, but I was curious when my wife was pregnant. I had never tasted breast milk before. She started leaking while she was pregnant and I asked if I could taste. She said she didn’t care and I was hooked on the first taste. It is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I have been breastfeeding from her for the last year. Our daughter is nearly a year old and she always eats first. I would never drink my daughters milk, but after she is done my wife lets me drain her breasts. There is always some milk left after our daughter is finished.
For us it is sexual. Like some of the women on here have said, there is a difference in the way a baby [nurses] and the way the husband [nurses]. It turns me on immensely. I wasn’t really been a breast man before my wife, but I absolutely love her breasts, and the milk is just an added benefit.

My daughter is still nursing and we plan on letting her nurse up to 2 or 3 years if she wants too. My wife and I have discussed it and she has agreed to continue to breastfeed me even after our daughter is weaned. My wife seems to enjoy the idea and I love the idea. Breastfeeding from my wife is very intimate and I love it. I told her I would wake up early to breastfeed before work and then breastfeed when I get home and then before bed. I figure as long as she is producing milk I will continue to breastfeed from her. We both love the thought of it.”

“I breastfed my first baby. When I was pregnant, my breast were so sensitive and sore, I begged my husband to nursing, the … sensation made my breast feel so much better. Once our baby was born, I breastfed our baby and at the end of each feeding, I let me husband empty my breasts each time. There was nothing weird about it, nothing kinky, it was actually very calming and relaxing to us both. I have large breast and had an abundance of milk and physically, it felt good and I felt relief when they were emptied. Three years later, I am still producing milk and though our toddler no longer breastfeeds, my husband still does and our relationship has never been better. Now I am pregnant again with our second child and my husband is still breastfeeding and knows that when the baby comes, the baby gets “first dibs”, but, for what it’s worth, I’ll most likely continue to breastfeed him long after I wean our 2nd child. I suggest those who are opposed realize it’s not about anything sexual, it’s about having a beautiful bond with your child and one that you can have with your husband as well, obviously, a different bond and in a different way, but it is very nice.”

“My husband has unplugged my milk ducts many times it has help so much plus me and my husband get to bond more with having a new baby and and he gets to feel important and needed when taking care of the baby. A definite to do of you are breast feeding”

“No shame here! We do it. Hubby loves it and I say “eh. Whatever.” Maybe my body will think it needs to produce more because more is being taken out. I’ve always been on the lower side of supply than the upper anyways. to each his own!”

“With my first wife (the mother of my two children) I was mouth off while she was breastfeeding. I loved the taste, however, I felt like I was stealing from my children. Now over a decade into my last marriage, both My Wife, and I have introduced breast milk into our lovemaking. All I have to say is what a beautiful, wonderful, loving, intimate, sensual, totally natural, yet fantastically erotic addition this has been to our love making. Forgive me, but I feel I must quote Jackie Gleason, “How sweet it is”.”

“We lost our baby 6 hours after he was born and it just made sense to breastfeed my [man] as it helped with our grief and also helped with my painful breasts. It has brought us closer together. It was just the natural thing to do. We would tandem feed should we have another child.”

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