If all sexual discussion MUST be kept strictly between married couples, then God is guilty of sin

In my post, Skydiving without a parachute, I said:

“Some Christians have a notion that sex must never be discussed, except by married couples, and only in private. I say that notion is flawed, even dangerous.”

If the sex lives of every married couple or the intimate desires of every engaged couple must be tightly kept between them and them alone, then God has sinned by giving us the Song of Solomon and chapter 5 of the book of Proverbs.
Perish that thought! The triune God has never been and will never be guilty of iniquity.

Avoiding all talk of sex as a rule is unbiblical. I think such behavior is more in line with Islam than Christianity. What God wants instead is for us to engage in sexual discussions in ways that are veiled, mature, non-pornographic and Christ-exalting. In other words, we must follow the pattern we see in the aforementioned book and chapter in His holy word.

The Scriptures are true and given by the Holy Spirit. You know that nothing unrighteous or counterfeit is written in them.

-Clement of Rome, available on the Gospel Coalition article ‘Do You Know How We Got the Bible?: Timothy Paul Jones on How We Got—and Why We Should Trust—God’s Word

“Nothing unrighteous or counterfeit is written in [the Scriptures]”, wrote the early church father. So if the Holy Spirit deems it important to devote a book to sex talk, then it’s important. If God thinks it righteous and commands single Christians to read about the erotic longings between King Solomon and His betrothed, then single Christians should read about the erotic longings between them.

Insisting that believers keep their sex lives in the bedroom is pretentious and demonstrates the false purity from which I pray God frees all brothers and sisters.

I have said all this before and this won’t be the last time I bring it up because it’s that important.


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