They’re fun, bouncy, life-giving and empowering

Hello, readers and followers. After a three-week hiatus, I’m back. Thanks for your patience. I’ve had some important changes happen that have kept me busy these past few weeks, and I’m especially thankful to Kamar for checking up on me via email.

I recently read an article by a woman offering advice to guys in the event they woke up female. Among many interesting tidbits of what to expect should this magical scenario become a reality, the author also instructed her male audience that breasts are fun, delightful, bouncy, life-giving objects, and urged them to enjoy their new set of twins.

This is precisely why I imagine that being braless in the privacy of one’s home would be fun, feminine and empowering, and stated the following in A Biblical defense of ANRs: “Speaking of being comfortable with their femininity, I came across two ANR bloggers that although well-endowed, hate wearing bras and only wear them when in public. I pondered that for a little while and eventually came to the conclusion that it’s a praiseworthy lifestyle choice.”

The author also advised men to get used to having curves, softness in places they once had coarseness, and also much less hair. She exhorted them to appreciate and revel in their new bodies.

In my opinion, to be feminine is to be soft, tender and curvaceous.


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