I found you by a Google search.  I had an interest for years. I was happy to find your site because almost every other site was pornographic. For a long time I thought that there was no way to learn more without wading through the detritus. And there are times when I do go back to those sites. I keep fighting against those urges, I talked to a counselor who gave me verses and has prayed over me. Reading your postings has been a porn deterrent. Having me go to read your blog as opposed to the other site s

Thank you and God bless you

If you don’t seek any Christian resources that speak to your biblically healthy sexual desires, if you think you can successfully keep them bottled up, you will certainly fall into sexual sin.


Christians need a safe outlet for their non-sinful sexual desires, and God has provided exactly that in His word, and practically, through marriage and responsible sexual dialogue, even while single.