Why Are So Many New Yorkers Flocking to Evangelical Christian Preacher Tim Keller? — New York Magazine

“Redeemer represents a middle ground, he says, between the moralism of conventional right-wing Christianity and what he regards as the do-what-feels-right narcissism of secular culture.”

One of the reasons I absolutely love Tim Keller is that he’s one of the exceedingly rare pastors in America who tries to walk the fine line between theological conservatism and loving everyone regardless of race, gender, religion, socio-economic status or sexual orientation. This well-roundedness is what orthodox Christianity teaches. Despite this, he comes under fire even from fellow believers.

The quote above is reminiscent of mine from  ‘When Purity Becomes an Idol‘: “Of all human beings on the planet, Christians who are neither moralistic nor legalistic have it best. They get to enjoy the best of both this life and eternity.”

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