Why such irreverence? Isn’t the gospel infinitely more important?

Some people find this blog by googling things like “is it sinful to breastfeed my husband?”, and I received this on Wednesday on my Facebook page: “I CANNO’T UNDERSTAND CHRIST CENTERED ANR.HOW CAN LOVE FOR BOOBS AND LOVE FOR CHRIST GO TOGETHER?”

It may seem to many that I am preaching a sexualized form of the have-it-your-way prosperity gospel.

However I’ve come to realize that it’s possible to loathe the prosperity gospel to an unhealthy extent. I should know. That used to be me.

If anyone preaches any other gospel, let them be accursed, warns Galatians 1:8, so I understand the apprehension of many believers when faced with unfamiliar biblical exegeses or potentially compromising/tempting lifestyles.

But those who preach the orthodox gospel tend to ignore biblical allusions to earthly stability.

Of first importance is the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ, but God, being rich in mercy and love, also cares about our earthly needs. Problem is, sinners often misplace our priorities by stressing the mundane over the celestial. At the end of the day, God still wants us to live lives full of joy because the Son rose.

I responded thus to the Facebook message:

“Hi there friend. I really appreciate your honest but interesting question.

You see, this is exactly why there’s a need for Christ-centered ANR. If you read Proverbs 5:19, you’ll observe that Christ unequivocally exhorts me to enjoy my wife’s breasts.

Love for Christ and love for boobs go perfectly well together, as long as all the fun is kept strictly within the marriage covenant.

Please read my post titled ‘Am I twisting Scripture to justify my kinky fetish?’ because I tackle this subject there. Thanks.”

I know many Christians, including some of the church friends mentioned here would think it irreverent for Christians to even contemplate such a thing as an Adult Nursing Relationship. This shows that even Christians aren’t exempt from making God in their own image. But prim and proper doesn’t mean godly and reverent.

Careful study of Song of Solomon reveals that our God does not at all shy away from erotica, and a proper hermeneutic of Song 8:2, 7:8 and Proverbs 5:19 indicates that He sees nothing irreverent about Couples Nursing.

Someone else said this relationship takes the focus off God, while in fact God gets His glory out of every non-sinful thing we do. We need not become overseas missionaries to glorify God.

Pastor JF told me that God gave us the institution of marriage as a means of propagating the gospel by virtue of it being the most natural way to make disciples. I think there are few things more beautiful than believers making more believers, naturally.

Sex is spiritual. When believers have sex, the beauty of the gospel is lived out.

Self-giving sex in the way of the Cross only leads believers to fall more deeply in love with Jesus Christ and better understand the gospel and the Trinity.

Christ’s objective in voluntarily letting His own creatures kill Him isn’t limited to the reconciliation of God and man. It also includes reconciling man to man, or in this case, man to woman. Superior, God-glorifying sex is one of the benefits of having faith in Christ’s atonement.

Blogging about sex, specifically Adult Nursing Relationships, and reaping stronger Christian marriages as a result is the gospel in action.

Life is good, eternal life is better.” – Stellar Kart

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