How to induce lactation

The key is nipple and areola stimulation, done consistently.

Multiple manual stimulation sessions daily, with help from your loving husband, over the course of some few weeks should result in at least a few drops. It varies from woman to woman. It takes some much longer, while others, especially those trying to relactate, can almost readily start producing.

Breast milk production works by supply and demand. The more the stimulation, the more a woman’s body will respond to the need for milk. Patience and tenacity are crucial.

Pumping can do the trick but some women report how breast and nipple-unfriendly this technique gets. Plus having to carry the equipment around is no fun.
I read from a woman who said an electric pump worked for her.

Also, herbs help increase supply. Popular ones include Fenugreek – 3 capsules, taken 3 times a day with food, and Blessed Thistle – same regimen.

And finally, I have seen domperidone‘s marked effects. As a prescription, I think it should be a last resort, but it definitely yields results.


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