Lonely breasts redeemed

Average worldwide life expectancy for women: about 73 years.1
Average age a young woman reaches full sexual maturity: about 152, with marriage typically occurring in her twenties or thirties.

So approximately 60% of the lifespan of any pair of non-Couples Nursing breasts that belong to a married woman is a lonely existence.

For ladies who are part of that majority, if your breasts could talk, you might be surprised to hear what they have to say. ‘Tis indeed unfortunate when someone or something doesn’t live up to their potential. “What a waste,” said one ANR-loving woman.

As a matter of fact, your breasts do talk. Romans 8 and Genesis 3 tell us that after the Fall, God subjected all creation to futility, and now, everything created deeply yearns to be redeemed. In Matthew 3:9 and Luke 3:8, John the Baptist reminds presumptuous Jews that “God is able from these stones to raise up children for Abraham.”
In Luke 19:40, Jesus responds to the Pharisees “I tell you, if these [disciples of mine] were silent, the very stones would cry out.” All creation is dying to audibly declare God’s glory. God muffles this sound because He prefers human agents. He quite literally has His hands covering created things’ mouths because He loves sinners like you and me so much.

For those with ears trained in the things of God, everything around us is talking. Scratch that. Screaming God’s glory. And you can help amplify this non-verbal communication by using your breasts for their God-designed purpose: “Think about the excitement when you start to produce milk. Your breasts will become healthier, larger, fuller, and more beautiful. You feel a pervasive warm glow from your breasts. They make you feel so good, you ache to [use them]. You yearn to have … your soothing rich essence drawn out from [you] into [him]. Watching him feed from you makes you feel incredible. The feeling can be so intense it can be indescribable. You feel a connection deep down to the core of your being, a connection that is so beautiful and natural.”

– A Couples Nursing lady

1. Global Burden of Disease Study 2010

2. UK National Health Service

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