More about me

Here are some more facts about me:
God got my attention through health problems years ago.

I’ve been to five countries on three continents.

Though I have a few favorite genres, I don’t mind listening to a wide variety of music.

I like basketball and soccer (my lifestyle allows for more watching than playing), and I have greater defensive than offensive abilities in both sports.

I’m originally African.

Most people think I’m interesting at first sight.

As referenced in a few posts, ladies tend to like what they see.

Inspiring, poetic and captivating are words that have been used to describe me.

Some have insinuated or suggested a career in comedy, film or TV.

I like white noise from fans and all types of soothing sounds as mentioned here.

I’m a simple guy who’s somehow also very complex.

Very adventurous, I’ve taken aerial tours of the world’s two alpha ++ world cities and a smaller one.

People who are laid back and authentic tend to gravitate towards me and I towards them.

While some people have complimented me on being intelligent and it’s true that I am blessed with some intellectual ability, in person, I do some humorously dumb things. If you spent 24 hours with me, you’d agree.

I have the potential to be greatly polarizing. Folks who’ve known me in years past, especially before I met Christ, would concur. I never was a scary, nefarious criminal or outspoken hatemonger, just a well-intentioned dude that can get intense at times.

I can definitely be a goofball and an oddball.

I’ve experienced enough to write multiple books on. Some people have suggested newspaper column writing or journaling as a career or hobby.

Also, I have interests that span multiple fields. Consequently, I’ve held jobs in two totally unrelated careers.

People have remarked that they could learn a lot from me.

Very much a work in progress, it feels good that I’ve finally reached a stage in my walk where I sometimes obsess over Christ and I think of Him much of the time. Of course, I fall into spiritual ruts but I’m glad that at last I frequently am clinging to my Savior and His glorious gospel.

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