My ideal woman

First of all, she’s godly. She’s been made alive with Christ and is no longer dead in her sins. As Pastor Craig Groeschel puts it, she’s a “third line” Christian, one who gladly sacrifices her entire life to Christ, per Luke 9:23 and Galatians 2:20, unlike the so-called “cultural” Christians (first and second line Christians) who are far more concerned with their own happiness than God’s glory.

She’s also caring and compassionate.
She’s definitely not fake. Authenticity is non-negotiable.
She into self-denial and self-effacing.
She’d lay down her life for her husband.
She has a servant’s heart.

She loves serving milk for breakfast.
She’s adventurous- missionally, ecclesiastically, recreationally and in the bedroom.
Speaking of the bedroom, she has some tantalizing feminine assets and blessings from the Lord.
Although she’s extremely blessed in the sex appeal department, she knows it’s a gift meant for her husband alone and tries not to draw attention to her body. She knows she’s gift-wrapped from above and can’t wait until her bridegroom unwraps her.

Her sex drive is somewhat above average.
She’s finger-licking good.
She has a smooth, gentle, strong, feminine, sexy voice.

She could cuddle 24 hours a day.
She’s a fan of romantic getaways.
Her face is above average but not she’s not necessarily a cover girl. A warm smile, dimples, winsomeness, freckles, radiance and charm attract me a lot more strongly than runway model looks.
She has full, luscious lips.
She’s about 166 cm tall or 5’5″ (always wanted a wife around this height. That this is the average ANR-desirous woman’s height is a welcome coincidence).
She’s slender but has nice curves. If she errs on any side, it’s on that of being a little too curvy than a little too slim.

She’s outgoing.
She’s easygoing.
She’s kind.
She’s very generous.
She’s funny.
She gets my sense of humor and really understands me.
She’s patient, especially with me.
She’s got my back.

She tries to stay positive and joyful.
She has quiet strength.
She stays strong in the Lord.

She’s sociable, very empathetic and high on emotional intelligence.
She values community.
She often lives out Romans 12:15.
She’s helpful and reliable.
She’s extremely honest.
She has never imagined not being a mom. She wants at least 3 kids.
She has never imagined not breastfeeding her children.
She’s a good cook.
She already has family vacations planned out.

She’s good at leading, organizing and motivating people.
She’s extremely ambitious. Godly ambition that is, not selfish.

She’s of any race, though her nationality is one of my preferred: almost any African, European, Middle Eastern, South Asian, Oceania/Pacific Islander, American, Canadian or Korean, or a mixture that includes any of these.

‘Sweetheart’ describes her very well.
Her occupation is any of the following: missionary, biblical counselor, nurse, doula, teacher, (especially to children 12 and younger), church secretary, daycare worker, homeless shelter operator, public servant, customer service representative, Christian charity assistant, public relations representative, pediatrician, financial advisor, consultant, marketing representative, artist, author, musician, activist.

She’s extroverted.
She is adept at dealing with chaotic, complex situations.
She regularly volunteers at places like church soup kitchens, orphanages, homeless shelters and battered women’s centers.

She’s a Proverbs 31 woman.

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