What’s my reason?

Not gonna lie, the kink factor/sexual gratification is definitely a big one for me, and I’m sure most male readers could relate. There’s just something about full, productive, milky breasts that’s wildly erotic and sensual; it would certainly turn me on in marriage.

Honestly, I think it’s a delicious relationship.

Also huge is the otherwise unattainable intimacy. I’m a firm believer that husband and wife should be as intimate as humanly possible, so I’ll do anything imaginable to optimize the intimacy level in my marriage, as long as our attempts at intimacy don’t lead to sin. I’ve already thought up some other ways to be closer than close to my wife. Remember, extreme intimacy is the love language I speak.

Then there’s the bond and permanent sense of connection. She would literally become part of me. I would carry some of her everywhere I go.

Of course what I do to her is important to me as well. It’s an amazing way to have my wife feeling biblically feminine, productive, beautiful, needed, servant-hearted and sexually fulfilled.

Plus the effect it’ll have on my marriage, the feeling of oneness. The symbiotic relationship. The joy and stability everyone reports that it brings to marriages, and as a commenter posted, the fact that it’s beautiful and sacred.
Thinking of it draws out something I feel is buried, something in me that just thinks it’s so special, I feel it’s a long-lost bonding act: humble masculinity meets glorious, divine femininity.

And of course it glorifies God. It’s a way to obey Proverbs 5:19, Song 7:8 and 8:2 and bear fruit.

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