Meat tenderizer

I once had a Spanish teacher who noticed a small cut below my sideburns. The most caring and open-minded teacher I ever had, he suggested something unusual. Meat tenderizer. I soon gave it a shot. I even recently purchased one that’s seasoned. It’s rather piquant and spicy, so each application feels a bit like I’m cooking myself. This one takes a little more getting used to.

Is the teacher’s method foreign and unusual? Does it feel funny and strange? Sure does. But does it get the job done? You bet. Had I chosen to be closed-minded and dismiss his suggestion as “weird”, I’d be a man who heals significantly more slowly whenever he suffers a cut.

Moral of the story: Don’t knock it till you try it. Because it’s unconventional and ‘out there’ doesn’t mean it can’t be highly effective and greatly beneficial.

seasoned meat tenderizer

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