A few years ago, someone accused me of seeking to degrade my future wife.

Trying to see things from the ANR critic’s perspective, in this fallen, self-centered, porn-infested world of ours, the conclusion that a man who desires something sexual and unusual from a woman only seeks to use her for his own one-sided enjoyment seems a logical one. If you’re grossed out by the idea of Adult Breastfeeding, you might think men like me immediately salivate each time we’re around women with big boobs.

But this longing does not at all make me view women any less. On the contrary, I’ve only grown in my respect and admiration of women and what their bodies can do. I’ll be quick to admit that I sometimes lust when I see women that closely match the ANR profile but my usual reaction when I see feminine, well-endowed women is reverence. Respect for what they can do with those endowments. Quite frankly, I think it’s powerful. I’m attaining a better understanding of real feminine beauty. That every woman potentially carries life, health and nourishment in her body is astounding and is a fact taken far too often for granted in almost every country in the world.

Every woman has great potential that I estimate 99% sadly never realize. Thanks to all my ANR research, I now view women as a beautiful form of God’s dew that soothes the earth, and love them more for their potential to be sources of great blessing and refreshment to others, in a lot more ways than simply ANR.

There are other feminine qualities to which I’ve become more attuned but won’t have noticed were it not for my research and involvement in the CN community.

We are convinced that Satan has been behind the taboo of ANR. If more marriages practiced ANR, I think there would be a lot less divorce.”

– Pastor E, How a pastor came to embrace ANR

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