To show that ANRs are very gradually becoming popular, here’s an up-to-date record of the number of heterosexual profiles on ANRSpace: 6,879.

A quarter ago, there were 6,744 members, a 2.0 % quarterly increase, or 45 new members each month.

Caution: of all ANR dating sites, ANRSpace comes closest to receiving an endorsement from Christ-centered ANR. We applaud their policy of not allowing any cleavage but wish they would do more to ensure sexual purity. PLEASE exercise extreme caution if you plan to visit ANRSpace. Some profiles contain text that some readers may find explicit. Gentlemen, if pictures of women who aren’t showing cleavage but are well-endowed make you stumble, you might want to consider blocking images on your browser. Additionally, some profile pictures contain paintings that are sexual in nature. This is precisely why we need an ANR site for Christians, by Christians.