If Jesus got married while on earth, would He have had an ANR?

Depending on their popularity and longevity in biblical times, this question may be like asking if Jesus would have enjoyed sexual intimacy with His wife if He had gotten married.

ANRs might have been widely practised, and possibly been the norm in His day; if that were the case, I’m pretty sure He would have glorified His Father and selflessly served His wife with this beautiful intimacy, were marriage on His earthly agenda.

See Why I’m now 100% convinced that Proverbs 5:19 is about Adult Breastfeeding, Am I twisting Scripture to justify my kinky fetish? and A biblical defense of ANRs for evidence that Couples Nursing was likely taken for granted, popular among ancient Israelites, and probably not seen as taboo during biblical times.


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  1. Anonymous

    Jesus will get married… To the remnant, the bride, Jerusalem. But I don’t think there will be Anr in the end, rather the drinking of the word in the knowledge of Him


  2. Prov519

    Jesus is already married – to the Church. The marriage will be consummated at the end of history. No, you’re right, there won’t be any ANRs at all but we will certainly drink from the living water fountain, Jesus Christ Himself.

    And if Jesus the man who lived about 2,000 years ago had gotten married in the traditional sense, I don’t think He would have viewed ANRs as taboo as many now do. He might have engaged in one, because as I stated, it was probably standard practice among Israelites in those days. If you read the title and post, you’ll see that’s what I was referring to.


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