Enjoy it in marriage. And only in marriage.

God is gracious, God is kind. God wants us to have an amazing time in the bedroom after exchanging vows.

I look forward to getting married and having the best time imaginable being refreshed by a pair of natural water fountains. But I sometimes enjoy this prematurely, in thought and “research”.

Wanting an ANR in marriage is not a problem. Fantasizing about it before marriage to the point of lust is what God dislikes and will discipline. Foolishly, I sometimes find myself rationalizing my premature longings with some verses that exhort me to enjoy it only after getting married, much like the famous pastor who said it’s okay to masturbate as long as you’re thinking of your future spouse.

Granted, this situation is pretty tough, as I sometimes have genuine, nonsinful questions and curiosities, but the lack of clean material on Couples Nursing means exposing oneself to potentially compromising sites. Then there are other times when my questions and curiosities aren’t thoroughly critiqued biblically and, left unchecked, lead to online “research” that’s unhealthy and unnecessary. If we’re not very discerning, we won’t realize when we’ve crossed the line from Christ-centered ANR to ANR-centered Christianity.

There’s a particular time of day when loneliness and lust tend to be more pronounced.
From now on it’s exactly then I’ll remind myself of the Son who gave Himself up for me. Love for and close intimacy with Christ prove extremely helpful in battling temptation.

Just thinking back, I’ve gone through months, even years without ANR lust, so I have no excuse.
I resolve to strive to think of CN less graphically and more like Christ would have me. There have been times when all other desires, even CN, look like rubbish next to Jesus Christ and His amazing love for me demonstrated at Calvary. That’s the good news and that’s my eternal hope.

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