Lol. I have multiple porn fighting software and apps on each of my devices. Minutes ago, I tried accessing Isaiah 66:11 on Bible Hub but was blocked for the reason of “nudity.”

This particular filter might have been invented by my ultra-puritanical former roommates, like the one who probably didn’t read the Song of Solomon because it made him stumble.

Overflowing breasts apparently made the algorithms of my filter stumble and go berserk.

God’s Word can be too hot to handle — by both man and machine.

Dear J, R, E, J, and M, if any of you ever read this, please don’t take it personally. It honestly was a blessing and privilege in some ways to live with you guys, but I sure would have loved it if the environment were less moralistic, Pharisaic and prudish, instead more gospel-saturated. Still love you in Christ though.