Love your wife

Let your fountain be blessed,
    and rejoice in the wife of your youth

It’s about loving a person, not a body part or a particular sexual activity.
I’ve been convicted recently of occasionally focusing a little too much on specific body parts, which means I’m setting myself up for disappointment if my future wife doesn’t meet my ideal. In my determination to be faithful to her, I must be open to whoever God brings, as long as she meets most of my preferences.

If you have a specific type of woman, be sure to only date that type. Be 100% sure you want to pursue a woman and that you love her regardless of bra size or body type.

Sandwiched between “let your fountain be blessed” and “let her breasts drench you at all times” is “rejoice in the wife of your youth, a lovely deer, a graceful doe.” We need to keep things in context. Scripture is always about loving a whole human being.


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