The softest breasts

Man hugging pillow

Obviously, the most important thing to seek in a woman is godly character. But guys, also seek the woman that has soft breasts, not just large ones. The typical woman who really loves Couples Nursing absolutely possesses the most amazingly inviting breasts. A lady can have the largest natural breasts but if they’re too firm, she might snap at you for discussing ANR. So how can you discern the tenderness of a woman’s breasts without lusting, objectifying, staring or touching? I’ve never been in an ANR before, never sought one prior to marriage nor have I ever tried to feel up a woman who appears to have great ANR potential, “just to make sure.” So how do I know this? From viewing hundreds of ANR profiles, I could just tell. Although I often strive to look strictly at her eyes and acquire any breast intel only peripherally, it’s still easy to tell when a woman has a pair of very soft and highly desirable breasts.

So without staring at them, aim for succulent, soft, comforting, juicy, large, heavy, inviting, moist, fluid, and irresistible. After researching hundreds of ANR ladies online, I can confidently say there is a pattern. Women who want this beautiful intimacy tend to have breasts that are truly designed for their original purpose, and they seem to non-verbally scream out louder then all the rest of the world’s women: “got milk!”

Well-endowed ladies that strongly desire an ANR have the nicest breasts in the whole world, trust me on this. Just don’t stare. And remember that the spiritual is more important than the physical, although the physical matters to God too. And exercise self-control, per 1 Thessalonians 4:3-4.

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