Embarrassed by an ANR?

I occasionally get concerned about the possibility of a future wife’s increased size. If she isn’t too large to begin with, the increased cup size would be obvious.

What couples do behind closed doors is none of my business and I always try to focus on women’s eyes, not their breasts, but when living with the couple that practiced CN, I couldn’t help noticing the fact that the wife was about two cup sizes bigger when compared to the wedding picture in the living room. I suspected an ANR marriage even before overhearing her disclosure. This couple made me realize that people may be able to tell what my future wife and I do behind closed doors.

I’m at a place in my life where I’m quite secure in myself, especially with regards to my identity in Christ, but the facts that ANRs are still taboo and marriage will be a novelty have me a bit concerned.

I wonder how other couples handle this and many other potentially embarrassing situations. I do know that the husband and wife founders of an ANR site successfully allayed fears that the wife may leak during business meetings, although this is a bit different from my concerns.

Maybe I ought to let go and embrace it, after all, by establishing this blog, my aim is to promote this lifestyle, regardless of people’s opinions and judgments.

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