I feel the need to revisit the topic of ANR traits because it’s often modulated by my real life experiences.

Men, if there’s one thing you remember about the ANR-interested woman, let it be that she’s soft. Very much so. In every facet you can imagine. The key is to look for signs of extraordinarily strong mothering instincts. From my exchanges with women on this topic, I’m now thoroughly resolved to avoid taking chances on women I really like but aren’t soft enough. If she is not a soft, sensual nurturer, do not proceed. (Do see my post and warning on sensuality here). The kind of woman you want to aim for is most definitely a mother hen.

It takes a real woman to nurse her husband.

I’ve noticed that it’s not simply a matter of having large breasts, although many ANR-friendly women do have them. It’s about her having a soft, cushy feminine body, i.e. her skin, breasts, and noticeable body fat. Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with having a little body fat, in fact women are supposed to have a higher percentage of it.

Men, I’ll encourage you to aim for the woman with some extra tender, healthy feminine bodily softness, and a heart to match.

I certainly would have it no other way.

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