Welcome to Prim and Proper, USA

Not going to name drop but certain parts of the country are much more prudish than others, more specifically around the central states. No offence intended, as I’ve met folks from those areas with some traits I honestly find extremely attractive. In fact, I greatly their admire their family-friendly culture and I was even bent on moving there just a few years ago. However, if you dig a believer from these parts and you get that unshakable sense of middle America puritanism in them, be a lot more guarded and cautious.

The person most likely to take offence and blow you off is the covertly prideful moralist who thinks the term “Adult Nursing Relationship” itself is an indicator of imminent global doom.


I told one such person about my desire without seeing any of the SSN traits. It was a major mistake. The person most likely to take offence and blow you off is the covertly prideful moralist who thinks the term “Adult Nursing Relationship” itself is an indicator of imminent global doom.

The worst form of pride may belong to the “clean” and “sweet” goodie-two-shoes, because it’s the most deceptive and most difficult to detect. Unbeknownst to observers, these folks are often inwardly judgmental and condescending. Two examples that come to mind are the former roommate who probably avoided the Song of Solomon because it made him stumble and said moralistic woman I took a chance with. The former roommate judged a sister in Christ simply for being blond, attractive and outgoing. Oddly enough, while he thought righteous Christians shouldn’t watch MTV, he enjoyed partaking in outdoor sports such as skateboarding — and I recall MTV used to air shows that centered on activities like skateboarding and dirt biking. These folks seem to pride themselves on how modest, morally upright, and even humble they are. They assume CN undermines a man’s leadership without ever researching, asking or observing. Making assumptions is a form of pride. They let their puritanical, family values-oriented, North-Central upbringing dictate their Christian faith and avoid parts of the Bible that directly contradict their preconceived notions by drawing them out of their comfort zones. Rather than digesting the whole counsel of God, they cherry-pick it, and wear their puritanical, moralistic, minimalistic, self-effacing as a badge of righteousness while in reality God is not opposed to luxury, beauty, swag and occasional indulgence.

I have divulged my ANR interests to some who honestly thought it was too alternative but were courteous enough to tell me no, and realistic enough to realize that God has instilled different tastes and personalities in people, and some of these tastes aren’t necessarily sinful. The prim and proper prig however, will likely be too shocked and traumatised to continue any sort of friendship or communication, so be warned. ANR makes the prudish hastily retreat into their shells.

I have observed that being uptight and prudish is a cultural phenomenon, not religious; it’s about a person’s personality, not their spirituality. Obviously, folks in the central states don’t somehow have a special filling of the Holy Spirit that others are missing out on. Furthermore, when conversing with my unsaved brother some years ago, he also complained about knowing some non-Christians who were annoyingly puritanical. The spiritual error comes when the Christian ones conflate the two by mistaking their moralistic personalities for Christlike holiness.

These people have far too small comfort zones and are led by their conservative family values, rather than God’s word. Caution would be appropriate with such a person.

The takeaway is no matter where your date is from, never bring up the ANR topic if you see none of the telltale signs of fitting the CN profile.

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