Have sex everyday

I have a friend that’s been a believer not quite as long as I have, yet unbelievably godly and mature.

While discussing God’s plan for marital intimacy one day, he said the failure to have frequent sex is one of the primary ways with which Satan attacks marriages, couples grow distant, and eventually become just roommates.

When passion for one’s spouse grows cold, it won’t take long before the secretary or the pool boy looks more attractive.

Regardless of libido, sexual frequency will diminish over time. After the honeymoon, life will get in the way. This is why I maintain that Couples Nursing stands head and shoulders above all other intimate acts. With it, the fire never goes out, and the affection is permanent.


“The nursing forces us to spend time together regardless how busy or tired that we may be. And it has also led to some of the greatest sex for both of us as well. I really can’t say enough good about ANR.”

– Robert S


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