My secret ingredient

While chatting with a recently married man after church last Sunday, he mentioned how he and his wife have a female friend who makes some amazing food. “I’d love it if she would show my wife some of her cooking secrets, but women like to trademark things,” he bemoaned. He added that it’s some kinda “this is what I do to keep my man” instinct.

His statement is reminiscent of the multiple women on ANR sites who said they want to be able to give a man something he can’t make himself, or to give him something no one else can, and of another who joked about being able to tell she had found her husband when she found any man willing to try her breast milk. “He’s is definitely a keeper,” she stated.

Most women like having a “trump card” over other women. While many often approach this sinfully, it’s biblically healthy to want to receive a special love from your husband that no other woman can get, and an ANR helps facilitate that.

Proverbs 5 and the Song of Songs agree.

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