Feminine lactational resilience

Diabetes, low blood sugar and low carb diets can’t stop milk production, nor do they seriously affect milk composition. Women’s bodies still somehow bear fruit.

The Wikipedia article on breast milk says: “Actual inability to produce enough milk is rare, with studies showing that [women] from developing countries experiencing nutritional hardship still produce amounts of milk of similar quality to that of [women] in developed countries.”1

1. Wikipedia – Breast Milk [Source: Prentice, A.M., Paul, A., Prentice, A., Black, A., Cole, T., & Whitehead, R. (1986). Cross – cultural differences in lactational performance. In Maternal Environmental Factors in Human Lactation. Human Lactation 2, pp. 13 = 44 [Hamosh, M., & Goldman, A.S. (eds). New York: Plenum Press.]

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